Custom Arrangements

Every band, ensemble or orchestra director is familiar with a common problem when there are fewer players than ensemble parts. To compensate for the missing instruments he/she will sometimes ask the clarinet player to play an important melody line from the oboe part or the other way around. But because clarinets and oboes were written to play together most of the time, one of the important parts will be still missing. The professional custom arrangement will guarantee that all important lines are covered and the overall sound doesn't lose its density and flow.

We offer a wide variety of arrangements - from three-four minute simple songs for one keyboard, guitar, bass and drums, to the full symphony, pop or jazz orchestra. The full scores and parts we create can be used by professional musicians for performances, recordings or shows. Prices vary depending on the time and skills required to complete the order. Our arrangers are highly skilled and equipped with the newest tools and software, which gives them the ability to work fast and produce flawless quality results.

Arranged for Rene Barbera, Christina Saffran, Diane DeGarmo, Ace Young, Lisa Vroman and Doug LaBreque: